Soterius’ innovative technology solutions include engagement tools and communications platforms to create a unified and compliant medical access facility within sponsor organizations. We help thousands of commercial and medical professionals create enduring and fulfilling interactions – connecting stakeholders across diverse platforms.

Our Patient Adherence application is deployed across several Integrated Delivery Networks and hospitals to provide patient support and AI driven nudges patients to comply with regimen.

Virtual Medical Science Liaison Platform

Unique platform that allows Health Care Professionals to connect with medical and commercial colleagues in a compliant manner, with structured reporting, integration with O365, integration with CRM systems and telephony systems to integrate medical information systems, allowing on-demand video and audio engagement.

Our system is deployed at global pharmaceutical companies across the US, and other international locations. With several hundred sponsor users and HPCs logging in, the system helps the process of information exchange in a compliant setting.

Behavior Science based Patient Support Platform for Pharmaco-Adherence

Our in-licensed platform allows for the engagement of a patient with a care-provider, and helps using complex AI based nudging processes that induces patients to react positively to treatment regimen, improving compliance and outcomes. Our platform can be used as a digital companion and submitted as a part of a drug approval, or used as a patient support tool in a post-marketing setting.

In a randomised trial, it was found that the population that used our platform saw 35% fewer SAEs and had a >11% improvement in therapy compliance.

Medical Information Platform

We are able to provide pre-validated, deployment ready instance of a world leading medical information database system. The system includes pre-configured integration with email systems to send and track requests, tracking of any content that requires accounting for compliance purposes and is deployed using our pre-validated and packaged approach, making it the most cost effective for small to mid-size global companies.

We provide our system as a SaaS platform and can integrate telephony, CRM and other tools into our platforms for Medical Information that offer chat, voice and video interactions and self-service, tracked content sharing.

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