Soterius : What does it mean ? When did it begin ?

Soterius originates from Indo – Greek mythology. Soter (Σωτήρ “Saviour, Deliverer”) was the personification or daimon of safety, preservation and deliverance from harm. How fitting !!

Soterius was formed in 2007 after Suneet Walia, one of the founders, decided to get together with some of his colleagues to build a company focused on pharmacovigilance and technology based solutions. Soterius is being revived to realize the dreams and aspirations of many who have come together to build and support Soterius now, and over the last several years.

Meaning of the name Soterius (from


SŌTĒRÍĀ (ΣΩΤΗΡῘ́Ᾱ) MEANING: This name derives from the Ancient Greek “sṓizō (σῴζω) sōtḗr (σωτήρ) sōtēríā (σωτηρῐ́ᾱ)”, meaning “the one who saves, literally savior”. In Greek mythology, Soteria (Ancient Greek: Σωτηρία) was the goddess or spirit (daimon) of safety, deliverance and preservation from harm.

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